Commercial Real Estate Appraisal, Arlington TX

In today’s unpredictable market, accurate valuation reporting is imperative for good real estate decision making. BRG, Incorporated has experience in the commercial valuation industry and has established and maintained professional relationships throughout a broad spectrum of clients, which include regional and national banks, legal professionals, insurance companies, lenders, investors and advisors. Our commercial property appraisals include, but are not limited to:


Carwash/Auto Service
Vacant Land
Special Purpose


What Is a Property Worth?

A property is worth what a willing buyer will pay for it and a willing seller will sell it for. Everything else is an estimate of value. To determine a property's value, most people turn to either an appraisal or a comparative market analysis. Appraisers use several factors when estimating value, including historical records, property performance, condition of the property, and indices that to forecast future value.